War Planet Online: Global Conquest 2.2.1a

June 13, 2019

image When the total world is at struggle, daring generals upward thrust to the dispute of affairs and lead their armies toward World Conquest. The time has attain for you to strike! Lift out you’ve what it takes? Accomplish your unpleasant, dominate areas of an proper proper-world blueprint, and lead your faction to triumph over every nation of the globe!

You perchance would be a single as a lot as the moment defense force dispute, cut from the same cloth as a sultan or the Vikings of faded, destined to forge a mighty empire. Nevertheless you are no longer free from competitors. Many generals part your ambition and have their very own true armies to befriend them. Some will be part of you and your clan. Some will conflict with you as competitors. Nevertheless friend or foe, very best one can reign supreme.

Stir growth or trail bust as you recruit professional commanders into your navy, invent an enormous struggle machine, forge brilliant strategies, and dispute strikes on enemy bases in doubtlessly the most massive free MMO war sport on mobile!


• Play with 1000’s of proper mobile avid gamers as they conflict across the arena.
• Focus on along with your struggle guests and foes alike in the realm chat as you space every strike to develop your empire.
• Accomplish and dispute extremely-practical units primarily based on proper as a lot as the moment struggle machines esteem mobile artillery, fight tanks and mountainous growth-dropping bombers!
• Wage full war as you conflict across a faithfully recreated World Device.

• Clash with the ferocity of as a lot as the moment Vikings in are residing, proper-time PvP war.
• Turned into the Sultan of Mutter by issuing spoil up-2nd orders in-sport that decide which navy will emerge victorious in fight.
• Call on your clan for reinforcements when the conflict is most intense.

• The truth is be at liberty to invent your struggle unpleasant alternatively you procure to have in a customizable mobile expertise.
• Expose your commander to strike, then vitality them as a lot as advise the growth!
• Forge a clan, lead it with the assignment of a sultan, and knowing your strike collectively.


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This app helps you to intention stop virtual objects internal the app and could perchance just own third-birthday celebration commercials that could redirect you to a third-birthday celebration location.

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Depraved HQ Degree increased to stage 32. Contemporary visuals for some structures.
The unusual luxury handy resource “Xenon-X”
Xenon-X Harvester: The significant water-primarily based Depraved structure that could generate this precious unusual handy resource.
Unsuitable-World Vast Occasions
Unsuitable-World “Hiring Staff” occasion
World Domination occasion will be preceded by a series occasion that could attend as a qualification spherical for the World Domination occasion.
Hindi is now supported in WPO!
Screen the blueprint HUD while scrolling!
Minor changes and trojan horse fixes

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