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September 13, 2019

image TypeApp is a beautifully designed electronic mail app offering a high-notch electronic mail trip whereas managing all of your electronic mail accounts from one thoroughly customizable mail app. With immediate pleasing push notifications, packaged in an intuitive & uncomplicated to pronounce fetch, TypeApp is the appropriate alternative to your inventory electronic mail client

Unified Inbox – All Your Mail Accounts in One E-mail App
Supporting IMAP, POP3 as well as Exchange protocols. TypeApp automatically configures them if you register. Gape & sync all of your electronic mail accounts from one Unified Inbox, whereas enjoying lightning like a flash pleasing push electronic mail.

Folks-Centric – Bringing Folks Together
Communicating with folks is essential and with TypeApp’s innovative folks-centric aspects, it becomes even more uncomplicated. Point of curiosity on mail from folks unprecedented sooner with the Folks Change, or be notified when order VIP Notifications.

Community Mail – Fleet & Straightforward Mailing
Bringing the vitality of productivity of groups with out the need for an organization IT to retain a watch on it. You can invent a Shared Community with all of your contacts at your work and private accounts, which each member can behold, to bag and ship emails.

Simplifying E-mail with Clusters
Robotically mix related emails exact into a single rising slot the utilization of TypeApp pleasing Clusters as well as dwelling diversified notification sounds for order companies. With Clusters, that you would be in a position to retain a watch on all emails from a order sender and with multi-edit fleet titillating, deleting, or marking clusters as bid mail is discreet.

● Fast, Neat Push Notifications – Peaceable Hours, Custom Sounds, Vibrate, LED Gentle, Snooze Indicators and diversified preferences per each of your accounts
● Neat Conversations – Makes mail app helpful and simple
● Rich Text – Without complications configure text kinds and add your logo
● Calendar Sync and Contacts – Obtain your ActiveSync work memoir in sync
● Android Wear – Luminous electronic mail on your wrist
● Configurable Menus – Customize your menus with actions that indubitably subject to you
● Wi-fi Printing – Constructed-in with any supported printer
● Days to Sync – Saves memory for offline pronounce
● Unread and Scrollable Widgets – Obtain admission to your mails inbox at a witness
● Magnificent Darkish Mode & Issues
● Fable Color Coding – Know from which memoir a mail has been obtained

Getting Stuff Done
Hasty label emails that you snatch to be dealt with later & dwelling yourself reminders. In the event you accomplish handling an electronic mail, that you would be in a position to merely label it performed and fetch it out of your come with out having to delete the e-mail. Exercise our Neat Filters to with out complications filter emails by unread/starred.

Visually Lively – Fantastically Designed
Without complications behold current companies by their icons and give your chums and contacts an avatar photo to enable you process your incoming mail sooner. Hasty search what number of unread emails are on your inbox with the TypeApp icon (for supported devices) or with the 1×1 unread widget for any memoir of your accounts in conjunction with the Unified Inbox. Location colors to your accounts to again them stand out or pronounce TypeApp’s computerized Darkish Theme which switches per the daylight on your condo.

Security – Inner most & Secured
TypeApp takes your security and privacy seriously by utilizing alternate leading encryption. You can leisure uncomplicated bright your recordsdata is incessantly encrypted to offer protection to all of your electronic mail communications and retain your recordsdata secured. With passcode and lock show camouflage, that you would be in a position to dwelling a timed lock show camouflage to offer protection to your non-public emails, or pronounce SMS verification to guarantee that your electronic mail app is stable.

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