Tide – Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate 2.8.2

June 13, 2019

image Tide is an app specializing in sleep, meditation, relax and focal point. Impressed by the fine nature and meditation, now we were attempting to invent a mental and physical health platform, corpulent of sounds from nature and guided meditation practices. Will let you attach away with the trivial routines to a mute and mute dwelling, where it is doubtless you’ll perchance lower rigidity, sustain focal point and clam, note meditation, and have a more in-depth sleep.

– Anyone who suffers from sleep considerations.
– Procrastinators which have difficulties keeping focused.
– Ingenious workers that often anxious by a noisy ambiance.
– The excessive-stressed out population that had been in fear for a truly long time.
– Meditation practitioners who desire peacefulness of physique and mind.
– Anyone who wishes to are dwelling a more in-depth life.

1. Nature Sounds —— Be easy and mindful with nature
– Well-selected sounds of nature, bring you to diversified time and spaces.
– Progressive tune fusion feature, taking half in your accepted tune in nature.
– Focus, sleep, relax and meditation, mountainous sounds sequence for these wants.

2. Sleep and Nap —— Doze off with the sounds of nature
– Numbers of sleeping nature sounds, have a sweet dream with Tide.
– Sleep and Nap modes, improve nap in daylight hours, factual sleep at night.
– Soothing light-waking up feature, leaving the mattress has by no arrangement been that straightforward.
– Selected comfort apprehension tunes, delivery the eyes in an comely world.

three. Focus timer —— Delivery an immersive focus
– Excessive-effectivity work mode. Per the Pomodoro Methodology, 25 minutes focusing, 5 minutes immediate break.
– Document of focal point history. Overview your efficiency.
– Buyer timer. Enlighten timers for diversified cases.
– Immersive mode supported. Leaving the app will interrupt the on-going focal point.

Four. Relax Meditation —— A end button to your mind
– Mini Meditation, obtain a break, anytime and wherever.
– Themed Mediation, focusing on varied life scenes, easy and tremendous.
– Immersive Condominium, total and intact, a mute and stable world.

5. On daily basis Keen Quotes —— Minimalist and simple journeys for mind and physique
– Well-selected day after day quotes, for all individuals who fastidiously lives the life.
– On daily basis quotes diary, take a look at the outdated quotes and photos.
– Greetings that commerce with flying time, continuously awaiting you in Tide.

6. Tide On daily basis —— Document every mute second of yours
– Every wonderful second here is recorded by considered files yarn.
– Gorgeous sharing card makes a mute dart emerged.

7. Minimalist Contain —— Pursuit of much less is extra
– Minimalist interface designing.
– Emotional visual outcomes.
– Localized typesetting for diversified typefaces.

– I surely ride the background noises and the flexibility to customize the diversified instances is unbelievable. — NanaKitty13
– It’s so functional and I correct desire to work even extra. I wake up in the mornings and I feel so mute. I'm smarter and calmer. — Owekie

Tide provides localized subscription plans, please register the app for critical functions.

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