Taximeter — start driving a taxi today 9.18

November 30, 2019

image Work while you wish to

Taximeter allows you to work each day or salvage some side money in the night. You pressure the vehicle, the app gets the orders.

Receive started rapid

Catch the app and register. Battle thru about a formalities with a taxi company and originate working. Taximeter will direct to the place that probabilities are you’ll perhaps also salvage the most money and ship you orders.

Receive customers automatically

No ought to ogle for customers — you automatically salvage orders from the purchasers closest to you. Taximeter distributes orders in stutter that you just spend the least time working empty and the most time earning.

Free Yandex.Navigator

Procure customers and salvage them to their crawl space like a flash due to of Yandex.Navigator. You don’t ought to build anything – it can automatically salvage instructions and knowledge you to your capacity. For you, Navigator is fully free.

Perceive high-paying orders on the arrangement

Perceive the place the most orders are. Taximeter displays a arrangement that highlights the locations with the very top review. High review manner increased rates, so orders originating from these locations pay extra.

Clear earnings

Birth up working and receives a commission the very next day. Taximeter will show you how distinguished you’re making on an stutter, what amount of cash is to your epic, and how distinguished you’ve earned on a given day.

Taximeter works in over 300 huge cities in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Serbia.

Every new edition of Taximeter makes your job moderately of bit more uncomplicated — this time we've mounted some errors and optimized the app to cease issues. Don't disregard to update!

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