Taximeter — start driving a taxi today 9.16

November 7, 2019

image Work whenever you happen to pray to

Taximeter allows you to work each and on each day foundation or make some facet cash in the evening. You force the vehicle, the app will get the orders.

Originate rapid

Download the app and register. Fight by plot of just a few formalities with a taxi firm and commence working. Taximeter will teach to where you would possibly per chance make the most cash and ship you orders.

Secure prospects mechanically

No need to proceed seeking prospects — you mechanically get orders from the prospects closest to you. Taximeter distributes orders so as that you just utilize the least time operating empty and the most time incomes.

Free Yandex.Navigator

Procure prospects and get them to their vacation situation quickly attributable to Yandex.Navigator. You don’t need to cease the rest – this can mechanically get instructions and details you on your approach. For you, Navigator is completely free.

Set a question to excessive-paying orders on the diagram

Set a question to where the most orders are. Taximeter displays a diagram that highlights the places with the fine question. High question plot higher rates, so orders originating from those places pay more.

Transparent earnings

Originate working and receives a price the very next day. Taximeter will point to you how considerable you’re making on an reveal, what quantity of cash is on your tale, and the perfect plot considerable you’ve earned on a given day.

Taximeter works in over 300 stunning cities in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Serbia.

Every original version of Taximeter makes your job a little bit bit more uncomplicated — this time we've mounted some errors and optimized the app to pause concerns. Don't neglect to update!

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