Shortcutter Quick Settings & Shortcuts 6.8.8

July 13, 2019

image Shortcutter is the final Android Hasty settings, shortcut Provider & toolbox giving you on the spot accumulate admission to to Apps, Contacts, Web Websites, Settings, Actions, Activities, Shortcuts & Companies and products in an on the spot.

It's more straightforward than it appears to be like & it's free to spend, with extra aspects for lower than the worth of a cup of espresso, its also under fixed sort!.

Entry A hundred's of shortcuts from your order masks launcher, the machine like a flash settings pull-down colour, the Shortcutter continuously on top Side Bar/Launcher or by the utilization of the Shortcutters Widget's.

Please hear to the guides & contact me if it’s seemingly you’ll presumably perhaps presumably like support 🙂

Customized Shortcutter Side Bar / Side Launcher:
– A Floating Toolbox or Swipe out Side Bar that's continuously on top and accessible
– Will likely be positioned at the dazzling, left or bottom of your masks.
– Over A hundred shortcuts on hand, including up to Forty Customized tiles giving you inform accumulate admission to to Apps, Activities, Gadget Shortcuts, Recount Call, Recount Dial & Web Links)!
– Get hold of your own theme, structure & scheme.

Privacy Coverage:

Gadget Hasty Settings Pull Down Tiles:
* Over eighty Extra Hasty Settings Tiles on hand for the fashioned user**
* Extra Tiles for Evolved users with a PC.
* And a ways more tiles for users with ROOT accumulate admission to.
Over A hundred extra Hasty Atmosphere shortcut tiles for the energy users within the market.

Exposed Launcher Shortcuts (micro app's):
– Shortcutter Exposed Launcher Shortcuts enable you toggle settings & products and companies from your app drawer, house masks, HTC Edge Sense, Tasker & more!

A form of tiles & products and companies require elevated permissions:
* Admin – Cloak Lock.
* Accessibility – Exercise Detection, Vitality Menu, Fresh Apps & Smash up Cloak.

Just just a few of the Shortcuts/Tiles/Toggles on hand:
– Auto Sync
– App Drawer/Folder
– Bluetooth
– Battery Percentage
– Brightness Preset
– Cloak Solid
– Delivery Camera
– Clipboard Editor
– Clicker/Counter
– Countdown Timer
– Dice
– Information Utilization
– Information Tempo
– Boost Hasty Settings
– Boost Notifications
– Flashlight
– Floating Calculator
– File Browser
– Font Scale
– Keyboard/IME Selector
– Space Mode: Off, Gadget Handiest, Battery Saving & High Accuracy*
– In Ear Audio
– Notification Log
– Multi Window
– Still Media
– My Space
– My Play Apps
– New Tweet
– New Email
– Subsequent Dread
– Night Mild/Desk Clock
– NFC*
– Vitality Menu
– Play/Stop Track
– Vitality Saver*
– Hasty SMS
– Hasty Reminder
– Fresh Apps, Again & Home buttons.
– RAM Utilization
– Rounded Corners
– Ring Mode
– Cloak Wake AKA Caffeine
– Cloak File
— Customized video profile – 1080p, 720p, 480p, HIGH or QVGA
– Screenshot – High Res
— Customized place place for screenshots & recordings.
— Notifications with Investigate cross-check, Fragment & Delete actions
– Cloak Timeout
– Cloak Brightness Mode
– Speaker Audio
– Cloak Filter AKA Night Mode
– Cloak Lock – *Requires Gadget Admin*
– Cloak Orientation
– Stopwatch
– Touch Vibration
– Quantity Panel
– Unknown Sources
– Web Search
– WiFi
– WiFi Hotspot
– Assistant
– Weather
– SystemUI Tuner
– 20 Customized Tiles (Forty within the Sidebar) – Add a shortcut to any application, suppose, shortcut on your application, place a web address/search time frame, inform dial, inform message or shell deliver (Root).

With Settings Stable Entry (Enabled with a PC deliver):
– Information Roaming
– Ambient Level to
– Heads Up Notifications
– Immersive Mode/Expanded Desktop
– Help Cloak On Whereas Charging
– Monochrome

Extra ROOT Tiles:
– Mobile Network Mode
– Mobile Information
– Evolved Vitality Menu
– Attach shell commands to personalized tiles.

Add a further layer of security on your like a flash settings pulldown, exchange your present tiles with shortcutter tiles & enable the Lock Shortcutter Pull-Down Tiles chance!

Some functionality would be impacted by producer changes

Key phrases: like a flash settings, shortcut, shortcuts, widget, launcher, aspect launcher, aspect bar, edge launcher., evening mode.

* Repair Hasty reminder Structure.
* PopupMenu adjustment's.

* Repair closing floating calculator.
* Enable header when switching Sidebar to bottom.
* Repair installing pinned shortcuts from app.
* Repair context menu in sidebar when scrolling.
* Dialog & UI Updates.
* Code optimisations.

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