Search Duplicate File (SDF) 4.111_super

October 12, 2019

image The replica/dupe/cache/long-established recordsdata buy a range of storage explain, unhurried down the file search velocity and cease you from downloading more music, describe, video or apps, it's subtle to expose apart them one after the opposite.

With Search Reproduction File, an Android shipshape utility app, you presumably can uncover and clutch these replica/dupe/cache/long-established recordsdata without worry and precisely! It would free up a range of storage explain to your Android utility!

The most foremost Android (Handiest Android) app long-established to search replica recordsdata, since 2011, the fastest and most extremely good replica/cache/long-established recordsdata remover!

Relief upgrading and an increasing form of extremely good!

IMPORTANT:One antivirus app marks this app as virus, it’s false certain! Please take a look at this app through diversified antivirus apps, thank you! I own sent email to antivirus app owner for his computer virus.

>>> Intention(since 2011):

★ Main ★
Relief sub-folder, clutch out any checklist.
Relief locking folder, provide protection to your foremost recordsdata (Paid model completely).
Relief SD card and OTG usb storages (From Android, Google disabled OTG, nonetheless some devices serene enhance it, it depends upon to your utility manufacturers).
Relief mount parts/, earn the TRUE duplicates.
Relief shipshape-selector, distinguish normal and duplicates precisely.
Relief titillating photography APNG/GIF (Stop/Resume).
Specify file kind/file extension or file dimension.
Exclude the quest results.
Rename the quest results.
Filter the quest results (image, audio, video, account, app, keyword regex wildcard, picks).
Set and restore the quest results.
Make recordsdata SHA/CRC32/MD5.
Delete cache/temp/pointless recordsdata through “Flagged folders”.

Search the same photography/app/file names.
Search camouflaged image/audio/video/app (Media cache/thumbnail).
Clear search(File name/kind/dimension/time/header/trailer)
Steal away empty folders.
Search serial quantity recordsdata.
Search hash code recordsdata.
Search audio by length.
Search video by decision and length.
Search EXIF photography.
Search incomplete photography.
Search photography by decision.
Search titillating GIF/PNG/APNG/WEBP.

Extra and more aspects are coming, in step with a extremely good search engine!!!

★ User Journey ★
● Relief wildcard characters “*”.
● Long-tap menu/merchandise to dispute translation (Google/Microsoft translate app wanted).
● Relief switching languages, your translation is continuously appreciated: [email protected], thank you!
● Remind you with notification after search is done.
● The hunt results are grouped.
● Batch clutch out|deselect|get bigger|collapse|delete|exclude recordsdata or groups.

★ Developed ★
● Set the quest consequence to file /sdcard/duplicates.txt, please scheme the file on the starting up.
● Long tap filename, filepath or MD5 on tiny print study, replica to system clipboard.

>>> Straightforward programs to:–c1SA1LKWi2foqDyn

>>> Acknowledged Points:

● Making an strive to earn enormous amount recordsdata could well furthermore just trigger rupture – OutOfMemoryError, to preserve up away from this rupture, please specify file dimension in Settings – Long-established.
● Unable to delete recordsdata on Android four.four Kitkat external SD card on account of Google's Policy.
● In Gallery|Media Participant apps, media recordsdata serene there, or all disappeared.
1. Delete hidden file /sdcard/.nomedia.
2. Sure Media Storage files. Settings – Apps – All – Media Storage – Sure files.
three. Reboot your utility and wait for some time.

>>> Special Thanks:

Михаил Якимов
Eugene Sazonov (Russian)
Darrell Snedeker
Adam Glass
Brian Nelson
Ted Moyer
Jim Cramer
Lindy G
Grzegorz Lasek
lovly serma
Darryl Trimming
Hakan-D (French)
Алексей Гнездилов
Omran Aldhanhani
Isreal Mathew
Zityi (Hungarian)
عمار سالم (amar0876) (Arabic)
meysam.6335 (Persian)
ALEK-SH (Ukrainian)
Fatih Fırıncı (Turkish)
Pondle1597 (Vietnam)

Darkish theme
Relief APNG
RGB Histogram
Receive titillating image
Vietnam (Pondle1597)
Turkish (Fatih Fırıncı)
Ukrainian (ALEK-SH)
Persian (meysam.6335)
Arabic (amar0876)
Hungarian (Zityi)
French (Hakan-D)
Russian (Eugene Sazonov)

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