Riddle Crack 1.4.0 (Early Access)

November 29, 2019

image Welcome to Riddle Crack!

Use a excellent day in our fairground and search the advice of with our extraordinary stands.

Peep the hidden phrase in our riddles by playing our fun minigames:

-Soothsayer: decide the lovely phrase between the cards.
-Pop Corn: stare the hiddne phrase in the cornfield.
-Teacups: link the letters between the dancing teacups.
-Can Toss: fair for the cans that retain the excellent letters.
-Whac-a-mole: push the lacking phrase prior to the mole hides away.

And more to reach!

Don’t omit to repeat us what you concentrate on about our sights!
Beget our witness and back us pork up our game for your subsequent search the advice of with.

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