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September 6, 2019

image Since 2015, Orfox has been the supreme cell app beneficial by the Tor Project to affirm the privateness protections of Tor on Android. The Tor Project has launched an official browser, Tor Browser for Android, now in its alpha start. Orfox will most seemingly be sunsetted by early 2019 when the genuine Tor Browser for Android comes out. To abilities exact non-public looking with out tracking, surveillance, or censorship, earn Tor Browser for Android from GooglePlay: play.google.com/retailer/apps/principal elements?identification=org.torproject.torbrowser_alpha
Or train from our web page: www.torproject.org/earn/earn-straightforward.html.en#android

Orfox is constructed from the a similar supply code as Tor Browser (which is constructed upon Firefox), nonetheless with a few minor adjustments to the privateness enhancing elements to fabricate them neatly matched with Firefox for Android and the Android working machine.

Orfox REQUIRES Orbot app for Android to join to the Tor network.

In as many recommendations as possible, we adhere to the own targets of Tor Browser (www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser/own/), by supporting as noteworthy of their right code as possible, and lengthening their work into the additional Android elements of Firefox for Android.

** Also, comprises NoScript and HTTPSEverywhere add-ons constructed in!

The Tor machine protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays bustle by volunteers all for the duration of the arena: it prevents any individual watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you consult with, it prevents the sites you consult with from learning your bodily plight, and it enables you to find admission to sites that are blocked.

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ADDED: Orfox Bookmark Export option!

After almost a year since we released the alpha model of Tor Browser on Android, the time for sunsetting Orfox has attain.

For those who mute possess Orfox put aside in on your tool, this start will train you to earn the sleek Tor Browser for Android.

Be taught more at: weblog.torproject.org/orfox-paved-method-tor-browser-android

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