Navigation Gestures – Swipe Gesture Controls! 1.12.0 beta

May 15, 2019

image Jealous of the wintry unusual gesture navigation functions on more contemporary phones?
With Navigation Gestures, you don't desire to grab a brand unusual phone or anticipate the following Android change to receive swipe gesture controls. Navigation Gestures brings swipe gestures to any Android draw! Change the navigation bar buttons and receive gesture controls with Navigation Gestures!

Most efficient of all, Navigation Gestures can fully mask the stock navigation bar
with out root! This is the first gesture regulate app with this feature.

Swipe left, correct, up, or down. Swipe up and withhold. Tap. Double faucet. Prolonged press. Mosey crazy and split the tablet in three! There's moderately so much of ways you can employ the gesture bar to manipulate your phone. Don’t be pleased how the gesture tablet looks to be? Customise it!

Right here's the entirety you can attain:



– Single faucet
– Double faucet
– Tap and withhold (long press)


– Swipe up and withhold
– Swipe left
– Swipe left and withhold
– Swipe correct
– Swipe correct and withhold
– Swipe up
– Swipe down

Split Pill

– Swipe up from left
– Swipe up and withhold from left
– Swipe up from heart
– Swipe up and withhold from heart
– Swipe up from correct
– Swipe up and withhold from correct



– Dwelling
– Wait on
– Most recent apps
– Toggle split-display (Android Nougat+)
– Birth old app (Android Nougat+)
– Birth Assistant
– Veil tablet

Top price

– Pull down notifications
– Pull down fleet settings
– Birth strength menu
– Skip to old media track
– Skip to subsequent media track
– Play/stop contemporary media track
– Display camouflage keyboard swap dialog
– Launch app
– Lock display
– Remove screenshot
– Waste all background apps
– Rotate display
– Toggle flashlight
– Toggle Bluetooth
– Toggle WiFi
– Toggle battery saver
– Toggle display timeout
– Birth quantity panel
– Launch Activity
– Launch Shortcut
– Position off Tasker Match
– Ship Intent

Look (all free)

– Customise tablet coloration
– Customise tablet transparency
– Customise tablet border coloration
– Customise tablet corner radius
– Customise tablet width/top
– Customise tablet X/Y situation

Behavior (all free)

– Blacklist tablet/unusual NavBar in chosen apps
– Customise sensitivity
– Customise vibration duration
– Customise animation duration
– Robotically mask tablet after extend
– Many extra


– In case your machine navigation bar retains hiding itself, bustle this ADB characterize:

adb shell settings delete world policy_control

Or, hit the “PROBLEMS?” button on the major display and score the option that describes this area.

– Ought to you uninstalled the app with out turning off “Veil Navigation Bar,” bustle this ADB characterize:

adb shell wm overscan reset

– In case your lock display icons are bring to a halt, fling to Settings>>Behavior>>Blacklisting and enable Don't Veil NavBar on Lock Display camouflage

Please fling to this page for added info on the most up-to-date beginning and to procure solutions to many times asked questions.

Are trying the superior XDA forum thread to leave feedback.

Please fling to the GitHub page to legend any points you procure.

– Repair some crashes
– More performance improvements

– The entirety from 1.Eleven.7:

APK Notes:

Add quantity controls
Add brightness controls

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