June 12, 2019

image MYPEUGEOT, the utility for PEUGEOT householders, enables you to connect alongside with your automobile alongside with your smartphone. It has been designed with constructed-in technologies to enhance your PEUGEOT driving journey earlier than, at some level of and after every inch.
Before: The placement of your parked PEUGEOT automobile is displayed on a procedure alongside alongside with your most up-to-date plan, serving to you to search out it more easily*.
At some stage in: The app tracks your journeys and displays the gap, gasoline consumption and driving efficiency of every inch*^.
After: Once you’ve parked your PEUGEOT automobile, the app can can will enable you to navigate the solution to your final vacation location on foot*^.

The MYPEUGEOT utility will point out records explicit to your automobile including the gasoline level^, mileage^ and reminders of when scheduled servicing is due.
MYPEUGEOT additionally affords several other indispensable parts:
– Manage more than one PEUGEOT vehicles within the the same utility.
– Detect nearby PEUGEOT dealerships and their contact particulars.
– PEUGEOT records and affords relevant to you.
For added consolation, MYPEUGEOT additionally will give you all of the dear phone numbers, allowing you to easily win entangled with PEUGEOT Assistance, Contact PEUGEOT and PEUGEOT dealerships.
All PEUGEOT items are appropriate with the MyPEUGEOT utility. Nonetheless, in case your PEUGEOT is no longer outfitted with Bluetooth, the ‘Riding’ tab (which presents particulars of your journeys, gasoline consumption and mileage) is no longer displayed. That you just can light journey all of the opposite parts of the app.
* – On hand with a smartphone that has a network connection and geolocation services and products.
^ – On hand for vehicles outfitted with Bluetooth.

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