Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator v1.26.1

October 10, 2019

image Myki: The exclusively staunch Password Supervisor, Password Generator and Authenticator designed with privacy in mind. Login to your whole accounts with a fingerprint. Repeat point Ultra Secure Encryption.

Myki is personal by create in a model that prevents intruders from getting access to your accounts.
Myki does no longer retailer your passwords within the cloud. As any other, it depends on unusual point militia grade encryption to soundly push your passwords out of your cell phone to your computer. You create no longer desire a master password to make expend of myki.

Militia Grade Encryption, Secure Random Password Generation. Myki robotically fills two-part authentication tokens.

Login to any myth with your fingerprint. No want to remember your passwords ever all over again.

Featured in TechCrunch, The Wall Motorway Journal, Forbes and the MIT Tech Overview.

For more files about how myki protects your identification, consult with:


Password Supervisor and Authenticator:
Store passwords with AES256 and PBKDF2 encryption.
No master password to remember. Fingerprint Login.
Login on any computer by downloading the browser extension.
Login to any myth with your fingerprint
Auto-possess password in apps and net sites.
Generate Secure passwords for any myth.
Half fetch admission to with your friends and colleagues with out sharing the password.

Built-in Privacy:
Your passwords are no longer kept within the cloud. (
Myki doesn’t even accumulate fetch admission to to encrypted passwords.
Myki keeps your passwords unswerving from intruders.
Repeat point AES256 PBKDF2 encryption between your cell phone and your browser.
Secure backup of passwords to your computer.
Secure backup of passwords on a friends myki app.

Fingerprint Login:
Login to the myki app utilizing your fingerprint. No master password.
Login to any myth with your fingerprint.
Advise your fingerprint to your cell phone when logging in to your computer.

Secure Fetch admission to Sharing:
Securely fragment fetch admission to to your accounts with your friends and colleagues.
Veil your passwords from the of us you fragment fetch admission to with.
Revoke shared fetch admission to with a click of a button to conclude sharing fetch admission to and log off.

A ways off Logout:
Logout out of your accounts to your computer utilizing the myki app.
One click staunch logout from the myki app.

Automatic Two-Element Authentication:
No want for a separate authenticator app similar to Google Authenticator or Authy.
Sync your 2fa tokens so that you accumulate gotten them in a single scheme.
Myki robotically fills your extra two-part token for safety and consolation.

Secure Password Generator:
Generate solid and staunch passwords.
Creates staunch passwords that personal letters, numbers and particular characters.
By no methodology accumulate to homicide a password ever all over again.

Ultra-Secure Duress Mode:
Veil sensitive accounts from those who drive you to release the myki app.
Kind your duress pin code to conceal sensitive accounts from intruders.

Extra Security Parts:
Detect modifications within the fingerprints enrolled to your Android and iOS scheme.
Exponential Delays on fallacious pin code input.
Keychain enforced encryption of passwords.

Automatic Password Changer (To Be Released):
Mechanically switch passwords of chosen accounts.
State a schedule for automated password modifications.

Myki Breach Alerts (To Be Released):
Myki alerts you when a carrier gets breached.
Be the first to know when a carrier is compromised.

myki is on hand on iOS and Android in English and Arabic.

This app makes expend of Accessibility products and companies.

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Myki methodology never having to remember or form a password ever all over again.
Secure Myki for safety and privacy.

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