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July 12, 2019

image OsmAnd is an offline navigation utility with entry to the free, worldwide, and superior positive offline maps.

Revel in remark and visual offline navigation, viewing points of hobby, creating and managing GPX tracks, the usage of contour traces visualization and altitude records (by arrangement of plugin), a quite quite quite a bit of between automobile navigation, cycle navigation or instructions in the pedestrian mode, OSM editing and a long way extra. Splendid pick up your free maps and procure the following:

GPS navigation
• You might perhaps most probably most probably take between offline (no roaming charges whilst you rupture up out of the country) or online (sooner) mode
• Flip-by-flip remark steering leads you along the manner (recorded and synthesized voices)
• Riding routes procure rebuilt everytime you deviate from them
• Lane steering, side road names, and estimated time of arrival will inspire along the manner
• To make your day out safer, day/evening mode switches automatically
• You might perhaps most probably most probably take to list high-tail limit, and procure reminders whereas you exceed it
• You might perhaps most probably most probably searches destinations by address, by variety (e.g.: parking, restaurant, hotel, gas situation), or by geographical coordinates
• Assorted modes for biking routes
• You might perhaps most probably most probably document your like or upload a GPX be conscious and apply it the usage of GPS navigation
• OSM Public Transport

• Shows POIs (points of hobby) around you
• Offline search helps you gain the locations of hobby by opening hours, cost manner and different parameters
• Adjusts the plan to your direction of motion (or compass)
• Part your position so as that your mates can gain you
• Reveals bicycle routes, mountain mountain climbing paths, and different kinds of roads
• Capacity that you simply can take display names on the plan: in English, local, or phonetic spelling
• Shows specialised online tiles, satellite survey (from Bing), different overlays cherish touring/navigation GPX tracks and additional plan layers
Nautical Maps
• Knowledge about sea objects and a contour plan of sea depth. Customarily convenient sea maps you might perhaps most probably most probably also use without the records superhighway.

OsmAnd ski maps plugin helps you to appear at ski tracks with the level of complexity and some extra records, cherish the positioning of lifts and different facilities.

OpenStreetMap Data
• Excessive-positive records from the top collaborative tasks of the field
• OSM records readily accessible per country or affirm
• Compact offline vector maps up as a lot as now at least as soon as a month
• Possibility between total affirm records or comely avenue community (Example: All of Japan is seven-hundred MB or 200 MB for the avenue community most efficient)

• GPS navigation in biking mode builds your route the usage of biking paths
• You might perhaps most probably most probably explore your high-tail and altitude
• GPX recording option helps you to document your day out and part it
• By extra plugin you might perhaps most probably most probably also allow displaying contour traces and hill-shading

Strolling, mountain mountain climbing, city tour
• The plan exhibits you strolling and mountain mountain climbing paths
• GPS pedestrian navigation mode builds your route the usage of strolling paths
• You might perhaps most probably most probably upload and apply a GPX route or document and part your like mountain mountain climbing routes

Public transport
• Navigation on public transport: Metro, Buses, Tram and a lot others.

Make a contribution to OSM
• Listing records bugs
• Add GPX tracks to OSM correct now from the app
• Add POIs and proper now upload them to OSM (or later if offline)

OsmAnd is delivery-source and actively being developed. All people can make contributions to the utility by reporting bugs, making improvements to translations or coding new aspects. The venture is in a packed with life affirm of continuous enchancment by all these kinds of developer and consumer interplay. The venture growth also relies on financial contributions to fund coding and discovering out of latest functionalities.

Approximate plan coverage and positive:
• Western Europe: ****
• Eastern Europe: ***
• Russia: ***
• North The United States: ***
• South The United States: **
• Asia: **
• Japan & Korea: ***
• Middle East: **
• Africa: **
• Antarctica: *

Most countries all the arrangement in which by arrangement of the globe are readily accessible for pick up!
Accept a edifying navigator in your country – be it France, Germany, Mexico, UK, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Brazil or any different.

• Utility profiles: gain a custom profile in your like needs, with a custom icon and shade
• Add settings for default and min/max high-tail for profiles
• Added a widget for the latest coordinates
• Added alternatives to list the compass and a radius ruler on the plan
• Improved plan downloads in the background
• Returned “Flip Display camouflage On” option
• Fastened Wikipedia language option
• Fastened compass button behavior all over navigation
• Malicious program fixes

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