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November 28, 2019

image MacroDroid is mainly the most sharp manner to automate your day-to-day tasks for your Android smartphone or pill. By project of the trim person interface MacroDroid presents a uncomplicated solution to have automatic tasks for your instrument in barely about a taps.

MacroDroid helps you by automating the actions you did manually ahead of, and customise them in a formulation that works for you. Just a few examples of how MacroDroid let you to salvage automatic:

# Optimize your day-to-day workflow for your phone; change on bluetooth and inaugurate taking half in song whilst you enter your automobile. Or change on WiFi whenever you are advance your individual home.
# Lower battery drain (cherish dimming your screen screen and switching Wifi off)
# Saving on roaming costs (automatically change off your Files)
# Growing security throughout commuting by reading your incoming notifications (through Textual say to Speech) and sending automatic responses through e mail or SMS
# Rep custom sound and notification profiles.
# Remind you to achieve obvious tasks the spend of timers and stopwatches.

These are perfect about a examples out of limitless instances where MacroDroid can have your Android life a runt bit more uncomplicated. With handiest Three uncomplicated steps here is how it surely works:

1. Recall a Dwelling off.

The position off is the cue for the macro to inaugurate. MacroDroid presents over 70 triggers to inaugurate your macro, i.e. tell based triggers (cherish GPS, cell towers, etc), instrument station triggers (cherish battery stage, app starting up/closing), sensor triggers (cherish shaking, light phases, etc) and connectivity triggers (cherish Bluetooth, Wifi and Notifications).
Macros might well most definitely also furthermore be caused automatically, but it’s far furthermore imaginable to compose a shortcut on the homescreen of your instrument or inaugurate the spend of the unfamiliar and customizable Macrodroid sidebar.

2. Recall the Actions you are making an try to automate.

MacroDroid can compose over 100 diversified actions, that you customarily would attain by hand. Connect to your Bluetooth or Wifi instrument, steal out volume phases, talk textual say (cherish your incoming notifications or contemporary time), inaugurate a timer, gloomy your screen screen and a total lot of extra.

Three. Optionally: Configure Constraints.

Constraints enable you to to let the macro fire handiest whilst you wish it to.
Living advance your work, but handiest deserve to connect to your firm's Wifi throughout work days? With a constraint you most definitely can also steal out explicit instances or days that the macro might well most definitely also furthermore be invoked. MacroDroid presents 50 constraint kinds cherish: battery stage, connected devices, time and day constraints, headphones insterted and a total lot of extra.

For newbies

MacroDroid's unfamiliar interface presents a Wizard that guides grade by grade through the configuration of your first macros.
It’s furthermore imaginable to make spend of an existing template from the template portion and customise it to your desires.
The built-in dialogue board lets you come back from other users, allowing you to straightforward be taught the fine info of MacroDroid.

For extra experienced users

MacroDroid presents extra comprehensive solutions cherish the spend of plugins, machine/person defined variables, scripts, intents, come routing cherish IF, THEN, ELSE clauses, spend of AND + ORs

The free version of MacroDroid lets you configure up to five macros. The Pro version (a runt one time charge) unleashes the fleshy vitality of MacroDroid and lets you compose an limitless amount of macros.

Running in background

As soon as you happen to occupy factors with the app now not staying alive in the background please gape


Please spend the in-app dialogue board for all usage questions and feature requests, or salvage admission to the forums through

To file bugs please spend the in-built 'Document a malicious program' possibility on hand through the settings.


This app makes spend of the Instrument Administrator permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN). This permission is ragged by the failed login position off (nothing else) and can handiest be enabled whenever you explicitly give MacroDroid instrument admin salvage admission to from throughout the app.

Added Dim Theme circulation (ADB Hack/Root) (Android 10+ handiest).

Added Dim Them constraint (ADB Hack/Root) (Android 10+ handiest).

Added possibility to test person triggers from the edit macro web page.

Added skill to configure Shake Dwelling off Mask Off setting to MacroDroid Settings circulation.

Fastened challenge where Stopwatch position off would now not reschedule when a variable is updated.

Fastened challenge where the drawer address would be shown unintentionally.

Fastened challenge where textual say in machine log would be truncated.

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