LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects 2.0.8

September 13, 2019

image LightX is all in one free list editor to construct list collages, add list frames to your photos, add stickers, construct cutout and list background changer, blur photos, make cartoons and caricatures, make sweet selfies and portrait photos, change hair coloration, add coloration splash effects, merge photos for double & a few publicity effects and educate many other tools to edit photos. You might maybe presumably well place textual assert for your photos and make your get textual assert memes moreover.

You might maybe presumably well edit photos using diverse approach list edit tools admire Color mixing, Curves, stages and vignette effects. You might maybe presumably well edit brightness, Distinction, Publicity, Hue, Saturation, Shadows & Highlights of photos. You might maybe presumably well educate array of list filters admire Traditional, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, grunge and a lot of extra list filters on photos.

LightX list editor presents:

1.Cutout and Photo Background Changer
•Use Lasso tool to recognise the same regions and change list background
•You might maybe presumably well superimpose your cutout on any list background and make new assert

2.Color Splash Photo Effects
•Selectively educate varied coloration, light and grey list effects on varied regions of photos
•Pleasurable-looking lasso tool to robotically bear the same coloration splash regions

three.Merge photos
•Mix list to make spectacular list effects
•Merge photos using varied blend modes admire darken blend, lighten blend to make double publicity, a few publicity list effects

four.Real list editing tools
•Use Curve, Ranges and Color Steadiness to edit photos.

5.Perfect your Selfie and portrait photos
•Auto and manual mode to tender and attractive photos
•Vary of automatic selfie filters to grab from
•Take hold of away spots and marks admire pimples and blemishes out of your face
•Substitute hair coloration and educate varied hairstyles
•Whiten your teeth
•Blur background of your portrait photos

6.Edit photos with vary of list filters
•Contain and educate varied list filters admire Traditional, Retro, Black and White, Grunge, Drama , Analog filters and Glow effects
•Vary of artistic filters to catch varied grey shade, coloration shade and paint list effects

7.Evolved Photo Transform tools
•Chop, Rotate and educate point of view remodel to edit photos.

8.Ordinary Photo Editing
•Edit photos with diverse adjustment tools to vary brightness, difference, publicity, hue, saturation, depth, shadows, mid tones, highlights, temperature, tint and coloration

9.Blur Photo Editor
•Declare varied blur effects admire lens blur, bokeh blur and exercise veil to selectively blur background.
•Declare vignette end on interior and outer regions.

10.Form Manipulation
•Use refine tool to form your body aspects
•Use reshape tool to catch varied comic strip and comic strip effects

Eleven.Photo Collage
•Produce list collages by combining a few photos from extensive quantity of collage templates and grid layouts
•You might maybe presumably well resize your collage, change background coloration and border thickness of your collage

12.Photo Frames
•Attach your photos in a diffusion of list frames admire grunge, birthday, coloration, vintage & delight in list frames.

Thirteen.Photo Decal
•Declare an mighty selection of list stickers admire delight in list sticker, comic list stickers, textual assert list stickers, birthday list stickers and a lot of extra to your photos
•Substitute coloration and transparency of your stickers

14.Doodle and drawings
•Use varied doodle brush choices to plan for your photos
•Substitute coloration, thickness and dimension of your doodle brush

15.Text on list
•Add varied textual assert for your photos and make textual assert memes moreover
•Likelihood to vary thickness, coloration, font, opacity of the added textual assert

Download LightX on Android. This versatile list editor makes photography straightforward, hasty and fun.

Something Original for you. Are trying our new tools and aspects to –
– Pork up photos with multi-fashioned duo gradients.
– Vary of form-masks added to Curve, Stage, Steadiness & Center of attention.
– Produce tremendous tonality with selective adjustment using varied form-masks.

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