Keybase 4.4.2

September 12, 2019

image Keybase is a messaging platform where:

* that it’s good to write securely to any twitter, reddit, fb, github, and hacker files user
* you don't contain to perceive any individual's phone quantity or e mail address
* all messages are stable, pause-to-pause encrypted
* multi-instrument: your messages survive and switch with encryption to unique phones & computers

Keybase is so critical extra. It’s miles:

* free for everybody, and free of commercials
* initiating offer (
* multi-platform, w/apps for macOS, Linux, and Windows (

By utilizing the Keybase app you resolve to the following phrases:

* you'll be a superior Net individual

Keybase for mobile is set unique and we yearn for feedback. Within the app,
click the instruments icon and then settle “feedback” to send us a summary of your skills.

• Improved unique chat interface
• Better draft management
• Fresh Coalesced Notifications
• Hasty Reply from Notifications

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