JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App 10.36

June 16, 2019

image Monitoring workout practising routines the exhaust of JEFIT gymnasium log is modest. Applications from bodybuilding, Three day splits, 5×5 & strength plans to home exercises & body weight lifting.

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Over Eight million of us exhaust JEFIT to trace their exercises and remodel their bodies.

JEFIT, the quantity one workout tracking planner app, provides free fitness program database to mean you’d also take care of match, build growth and rating basically the most out of your gymnasium or home fitness lessons. From newbie purposes like 5×5, 531, stronglifts, Three or four day splits, initiating strength to tremendous bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting or kettlebell routines to purposes the exhaust of bodyweight, dinky condominium or indubitably unprejudiced appropriate gear, JEFIT is the handiest workout app you’d like.

Who’s this app for?
If you happen to’ve logged your exercises in a journal, planner or unprejudiced admire practising on the gymnasium on your agree with schedule, JEFIT will mean you’d also reach your strength, weight and full loss, and practising dreams from learners to tremendous lifters. We’ve made the app to encourage you by rewarding you for consistency, pushing yourself to contemporary deepest data and committing to challenges with the community.

High Aspects
● Net or App – Tune with the app and edit routines on our web app.
● Tune Workout routines – Pickle your exercises, observe weights and reps and we’ll demonstrate you the outcomes of your practising
● Exercise Instruction Database – Over 1300+ demonstrations and diversifications with HD video from consultants
● Intuitive Tools – Leisure Timer, Supersets, Interval Timers, Physique Measurements Log, Notes, Agenda Planner, Notes
● Coaching Applications – Customized workout purposes made for Three, four or 5 day splits, full loss, stronglifts, 5×5, initiating strength, bodybuilding, 531, weightlifting, powerlifting, GZCLP, Greyskull, or make your agree with
● Discontinue Motivated – Be half of our month-to-month fitness effort with cash prizes and rating give a prefer to from different gymnasium goers in the community. Also add your gymnasium pals to compare routines and lifts so that you just’d also reach your purpose of bettering strength, getting lean, toned or unprejudiced staying packed with life
● Pickle Targets – Would like to topple some weight, rating lean, rating stronger or explain persistently? You shall be ready to make that in JEFIT’s custom journal
● Add Friends – Procure contemporary fitness pals in our community. Whether or now not it’s somebody to space you on the gymnasium or to compare bodybuilding pointers.

Applications for any fitness level with corpulent instruction database
✔ Beginner Applications – Stronglifts, 5×5, Starting up Energy, Three day splits
✔ Evolved Applications – Powerlifting, bodybuilding, 531, GZCLP, Greyskull
✔ Purpose Applications – Abs, Hands, Glutes, Elephantine and Weight Loss, Firming
✔ Private Coaching – Salvage routines constructed by your deepest trainer
✔ Sports actions Coaching – Baseball, Condominium
✔ Tools Centered – Squat Racks, Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells
✔ Bodyweight or Minimal Tools – Bands, Mats, Machine Most efficient, Core Centered
✔ Kettlebells, Cardio, Circuit Coaching, Condominium Restricted Routines
* Or make your agree with custom workout routines or schedules

Particular instruments and functions
✔ Salvage admission to from Desktop and Net
✔ Leisure Timer – Pickle custom instances to remind when to prefer
✔ Supersets and circuit practising routines supported
✔ Interval Timer, Pickle Notes and 1 Obtain Max Calculator
✔ Physique Measurements and Weekly Planner for Scheduling
✔ Social Feed and Neighborhood Contest
✔ Retailer Workout routines in the Cloud and half with your deepest trainer

1,300 exercises supported with corpulent HD videos in our database
✔ Barbell, Dumbbell, Machines, Cable, Band
✔ Cardio, Elliptical, Rowing, Bike, Swimming
✔ Static Movements, Planks, Stretching, Abs
✔ Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Core
✔ Set custom exercises

Benchmarking, analysis and directions
✔ Customized charts for lifting quantity
✔ Benchmark against different customers or gymnasium buddy
✔ Weekly summaries of growth
✔ Customized File PR tracking

– 10.36 Fastened bugs presented in v10.35
– 10.35
* Most well-known UI overhaul.
* Most well-known UX improvements across the app.
* Redesigned foremost navigation design.
* Simplified routine setup / customization process.
* Fastened different bugs at the side of now not ready to post body stats update feed, relaxation timer bug, etc.

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