Huawei HiCare

October 12, 2019

image “HiCare offers genuine buyer assistance services for Huawei devices.
HiCare offers you with general on-line services alongside side buyer services, hassle feedback, person guides, carrier facilities and self-carrier. HiCare goals to provide a one-quit store for after-sales services in expose to swiftly identify and unravel any concerns you locate.
1. Provider facilities
See for the addresses and numbers of your native carrier facilities.
2. Hotline numbers
See for your native hotline numbers and dealing hours.
three. Warranty protection
See for Huawei’s after-sales guarantee protection for your plight.
4. Manuals
Give you an particular person handbook that comprises comprehensive characteristic descriptions.
5. Dialogue board
Provide you a space where it’s seemingly you’ll focus on with other native cellular phone customers.
6. Warranty dwelling
It is seemingly you’ll take a look at the instrument guarantee knowledge.
7. Accessories designate
It is seemingly you’ll quiz display hide, motherboard, camera and other tools prices.

[Other] Optimizes definite common sense flows and fixes some acknowledged concerns.

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