HOUND Voice Search & Mobile Assistant 2.1.0

June 13, 2019

image Hound is basically the most straightforward technique to seem the usage of your natural speak.

What is going to we mean by natural speak? As a replacement of talking like a search quiz “OK Hound… Obtain Chinese language restaurants”, proper ask “OK Hound… What are the high rated Chinese language restaurants terminate to me?” You'll be amazed at the lightning-swiftly response.

Need to pick out out a word at something extra evolved? Hound can employ follow-up questions and instructions to filter, form, or add extra files to the usual ask. Give this a shot: “OK Hound… Obtain Asian restaurants rated 4 stars or extra internal strolling distance of Times Square and exclude Chinese language, Korean, and Thai”

Nonetheless Hound isn't little to restaurants and low retail outlets. Exercise Hound to:

Search, word, and play tune:
– “OK Hound… What song is playing?”
– “OK Hound… Play the high hits by Echo & the Bunnymen”

Entry Spotify with hands-free controls:
– “OK Hound… Point to my Spotify playlists”
– “OK Hound… Play my Peep Weekly playlist”
– “OK Hound… Skip to the next song”

Be taught and procure minutiae solutions fast:
– “OK Hound… When became Alexa Alemanni born?”
– “OK Hound… Direct me relating to the constellation Lyra”
– “OK Hound… Direct me relating to the Amazon River”

Space alarms and timers:
– “OK Hound… Space an fear for 7am every weekday”
– “OK Hound… Space a timer to pick out out out the rooster in Forty minutes”

Rep the latest news:
– “OK Hound… Point to me the latest news headlines”
– “OK Hound… Play me the latest news from NPR”
– “OK Hound… What’s stock label of Amazon?”

Name, textual voice, navigate handsfree:
– “OK Hound… Name Alexa at work”
– “OK Hound… Textual voice Jeff ‘I’ll be there in five minutes’”
– “OK Hound… Point to me directions to the nearest Whole Meals”

Rep the weather forecast:
– “OK Hound… What’s the weather going to be like the next day at 6pm?
– “OK Hound… How about in Seattle in two weeks?”

Opinion a night out at the flicks:
– “OK Hound… What movies are playing terminate to me around 7pm?”
– “OK Hound… What are the high action movies in theaters correct now?”
– “OK Hound… What movies are playing in IMAX?”

Book an Uber:
– “OK Hound… How great is an Uber to the airport?”
– “OK Hound… Rep an Uber to the nearest movie theater”

Stumble upon resorts and notion your crawl:
– “OK Hound… Point to resorts in Seattle which are pet-excellent, maintain a gym, and price much less than $275”

Numbers, calculations, and even mortgage estimates:
– “OK Hound… What’s a top number?”
– “OK Hound… What’s the sq. root of Sixteen minus the sq. root of 9?”
– “OK Hound… Smash up a $96 invoice two ways with a 15% tip”
– “OK Hound… What's the monthly fee for a $500,000 rental with 20% down?”

What is going to you use Hound for?

Hound takes bustle and accuracy to a brand recent level thanks to our highly efficient Houndify platform, combining Speech Recognition and Natural Language Opinion into a single step. We name it Speech-to-Which technique (TM). Various assistants merely translate phrases into textual voice, and the discontinue a speak search the old college technique. Nonetheless proper recognizing phrases isn't swiftly adequate! Hound, powered by Houndify, is the quickest and most proper goal speak assistant available within the market this day.

Quit Particular person Settlement: www.soundhound.com/hound-discontinue-individual-settlement

Malicious program fixes and minor enhancements.

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