Greyhound Lines 6.6.901

August 15, 2019

image With the Greyhound app, all the issues about your day jog back and forth is at your fingertips. It is miles your deepest mark kiosk – in the palm of your hand.

•All net admission to homepage – Entry upcoming trips, e book a brand original day jog back and forth, receive creep inspiration, space notify data, and be aware your bus straight from the home display conceal.
•E-Tickets – The device in which ahead for bus creep is here! We're making bus creep quicker and more uncomplicated than ever sooner than by offering E-Tickets. Now whilst you occur to purchase your bus mark from the cell app or on it’s good to perhaps contrivance terminate to receive a paperless E-Price delivered simply to your smartphone – no waiting in lines, no looking ahead to an electronic mail mark. Spend less time on the bus space and beyond regular time enjoying your day jog back and forth!
•Examine-In – Examine-In for any day jog back and forth that is E-Price eligible from the Residence display conceal or Time out info. Examine-In begins two hours previous to your scheduled departure time. We’ll send you a message for your Residence display conceal to remind you it’s time to take a look at-in.
•Personalized updates – With our original make, it’s good to perhaps net all the issues you need for your day of creep on the app home display conceal. Personalized messages will mean it’s good to perhaps realize when it’s time to take a look at-in for your day jog back and forth, count down till it’s time to leave, and even will mean it’s good to perhaps net admission to your E-Price.
•Side street Rewards Members – Signal-in to your Side street Rewards legend, and you’ll receive easy net admission to to all your trips and tickets in one original convenient role called Trips. You’ll query all of your upcoming trips and receive net admission to to your creep info. Within the event you are now no longer a Side street Rewards member, take a look at in now. It's free!
•Time out info – You’ll query all your upcoming day jog back and forth info and net notifications on whilst you occur to can take a look at-in for your E-Price. It is possible you’ll perhaps well furthermore with out problems receive space notify data and call info, using instructions, or be aware your bus.

Thanks for selecting Greyhound. To be sure that it’s good to perhaps well receive the suitable imaginable abilities, we now receive got up thus a long way this model with malicious program fixes, user abilities enhancements and app optimization.

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