GOJEK – Ojek Taxi Booking, Delivery and Payment 3.32.1

July 15, 2019

image GOJEK is beyond an app for on-line transportation, food transport, logistics, payment, and each day products and companies.

GOJEK is also an app with a social mission: to pink meat up the welfare and livelihoods of the Indonesian of us. How? By empowering of us!

By currently, GOJEK has partnered with over 1 million drivers, a hundred twenty 5.000 retailers, and 30.000 totally different products and companies, unfold throughout 50 cities in Indonesia.

By downloading the app and utilizing GOJEK products and companies, no longer most fantastic will you support our partners develop working errands more straightforward for you, you'll also support develop their and their family's needs reach loyal. YOU play a phase within the mission to pink meat up the lives of the of us in Indonesia, every time you develop a reserving/uncover and whisper our products and companies!

GOJEK app has tons of uber cool parts and products and companies. Right here's the entirety you might want to also assemble with it!

Going someplace? Which you might want to seize one from three: GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, or GO-BLUEBIRD.

Hungry? We assemble got GO-FOOD, the service for food transport!

Procuring for groceries is finished more straightforward with GO-MART or GO-SHOP, whereas GO-MED takes care of your health with out going to the pharmacy.

Mumble goodbye to long queues. Which you might want to assemble your movie or tournament tickets by technique of GO-TIX!

For logistical wants, our GO-SEND or GO-BOX troops are ready to let you.

Must seize phone credits or mobile records applications? It's now more straightforward with GO-PULSA. Which you might want to moreover whisper GO-BILLS to, effectively… pay your payments!

Last but no longer least, pay the entirety bother-free with GO-PAY. It's easy and magnificent like a flash! No longer to level out you might want to also transfer your GO-PAY steadiness to your traffic, and also withdraw steadiness to your financial institution. All it may maybe probably likely be the biggest to assemble is test your GO-PAY and register your checking narrative.

Ooh, one more factor. GO-MASSAGE, GO-CLEAN, GO-AUTO, and GO-GLAM on the 2nd are on hand in a single app: GO-LIFE! Everytime you wish self-pampering, be it a rubdown or a makeover, some cleansing or automobile fixing, GO-LIFE is where you need to flip to. Download it on Playstore and also by way of GOJEK app.

So, what are you ready for? Download now!



This week I’m in a position to’t write as indispensable as I frequently assemble. There’s indispensable occurring here; I’m on a truly tight time restrict, making ready one thing substantial… for you.

Nonetheless I made certain that this version, 3.32, is no longer any lower than trojan horse-free.

Oh and, I added RESTO SHARING to GO-FOOD*. So that you can fragment your fav/original restos to traffic by technique of chat, and tons others. Eat effectively.

I want to head now—update, okay? I’ll survey you very soon.

*Indonesia most fantastic

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