Geocaching® 8.3.0

August 13, 2019

image Geocaching turns each and every plight into an adventure. Join the field's supreme fancy attempting game and sight the field round you in a full unique device. 1000’s and 1000’s of cleverly hidden containers known as geocaches are waiting to be found.

Gain outdoors, fetch transferring, and discipline your self to search out secret areas, solve tough puzzles, connect with different geocachers, and explore parts of your world you by no reach knew existed. There may per chance well neatly be a geocache shut to you upright now – download the app and uncover.

Open exploring:
●Survey particulars with description, most up-to-date job, attributes, and hints for every and every geocache
●Navigate to the cache using design, compass, or driving directions
●Stay Search repeatedly updates nearby geocaches as you progress
●Discover all easy Susceptible geocaches and geocaching events
●Message different gamers for suggestions, hints, and further
●Learn about trackables: geocaching game items that crawl from geocache to geocache
●Alter your navigation and distance settings to your non-public desire
●Entry to GeoTour caches of all cache kinds and D/T ratings

Glimpse the upright geocache:
●Glimpse GC codes, areas, landmarks, and neighborhoods
●Glimpse GeoTours by GT code or uncover a few catalogue of all GeoTours worldwide
●Kind by distance

Circulation trackables:
●Glimpse trackables
●Log trackables – obtain, retrieve, fall, dip, or sight
●Compare your trackable stock

Portion your skills:
●Log a geocache now or build as a draft for later
●Add pictures to share your adventure
●Give a take hold of to cache nice by reporting geocaches that need repairs

Consume design alternatives:
●Satellite tv for pc

Unlock even extra adventure with Geocaching Top price:
●Discover any geocache on the earth, including Top price-easiest caches
●Filter geocaches by size, kind, voice, terrain, and found/owned
●Kind lists of geocaches by distance, Current beneficial properties, or geocache title
●Geocache anywhere, anytime with offline maps
●Take the avenue less traveled with Trails design
●Thought, add, or edit your subsequent adventure with Lists
●Award Current beneficial properties to geocaches you fetch pleasure from most
●Auto-sync Lists and Pocket Queries created on the Geocaching site
●Compose fetch entry to to all Top price aspects on the Geocaching site

We are committed to constructing primarily the most productive tools for geocachers to execute, share, and play this game. By joining and affirming your Top price membership, you are serving to to shape the kind forward for Geocaching. As neatly as to your reinforce of the game, Top price contributors also fetch fetch entry to to extra aspects, extra geocaches, and further adventure.

You may perhaps well per chance also expend a Top price membership subscription thru your Google Play myth.

Ongoing repairs. Basically the most up-to-date app update involves slight visual changes and bug fixes for a extra constant skills.

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