Flowx: Weather Map Forecast 3.206

October 10, 2019

image Visualize the forecast, for wherever within the realm, with the queer Flowx climate scheme and graphs. Dash your finger across the display cowl to govern the forecast animation over time. Need the info for your wants from 30+ data kinds and sixteen forecast units, plus radar reflectivity and hurricane tracks. Expend Flowx to devise across the climate, for aviation, fishing, sailing, browsing, biking, hiking, pictures, storm tracking or someone desirous relating to the climate.

The coolest thing about Flowx is the interactive forecast scheme, giving you the 'huge image' and enabling you to tackle the climate. With Flowx, you possess control of the forecast data: compare units and define what the info manner for you, to easiest idea your activities.

Flowx used to be awarded Google Play Editors’ Need: The 5 Handiest Weather Forecast Apps.

Flowx Elements:
Files Kinds: 30+ data kinds collectively with precipitation, cloud, wind, temperature, force, humidity, waves and extra.
Files Sources – Free:
• NOAA GFS (FV3) – World
• NOAA NWW3 – World
• CMC GDPS – World
• CMC GDWPS – World
• NOAA HYSPLIT Smoke Files – Continental USA
• Storm/Storm Tracks (NOAA & CMC) – World tropical storms
Files Sources – Professional:
• RainViewer Radar – 82 worldwide locations
• NOAA NAM – Continental USA
• NOAA HRRR – Continental USA
• NOAA RTOFS Ocean Model – World
• DWD ICON – World
• DWD ICON-EU – Europe
• MeteoFrance ARPEGE – Europe
• MeteoFrance AROME – France
• European Consortium HIRLAM – Europe
• DWD COSMO-D2 – Germany
• CMC RDPS – Canada, USA (incl. Alaska), Greenland, Iceland
• CMC HRDPS – Canada
Draw: use finger swiping to govern the forecast animation over time. Carry a few data layers to demonstrate on the scheme, for example precipitation and cloud layers with wind streamlines.
Graphs: uncover relating to the week’s climate forecast data at a gaze. Carry from a series of graphs and use the 'compare diagram' to search out out about all data sources in an instant.
Wind Streamlines: sharp streamlines demonstrate wind lumber and direction.
Wavefronts: sharp wavefront lines demonstrate wave direction.
Widget: resize your widget to demonstrate a few graphs.
10-Day Forecast: with pro version yow will stumble upon out about as a lot as 10-days forecast.
three-day Hindcast: with pro version yow will stumble upon out about as a lot as three-days historical hindcast & radar.
Graph Editor: with pro version you could presumably customise your graphs by deciding on data kinds.
Draw Styles: with pro version you could presumably dangle from a few scheme choices.
Stir back and forth Mode: routinely updates the forecast for wherever you are within the realm.
Offline Expend: after updating the info, use the app offline to search out out relating to the forecast with out internet.
Permissions: minimal permissions required.
Professional Variations: dangle the professional version likelihood that easiest fits your wants, look in app for particulars.

Try Flowx Nowadays: visualize the forecast and perceive climate techniques – it’s the trim manner to devise across the climate.

* Flowx used to be previously incessantly called WeatherBomb.

Join us at forum.flowx.io to demand questions and focus on suggestions.

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Facebook: fb.com/flowxapp
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YouTube: youtube.com/flowxapp

Launch three.206 (9 Oct 2019)

– Apologies for the prolonged dry spell. Simply main trojan horse fixing on this release – shapely tiring in actual fact.

– Search residing autocomplete fixed.

– Movie Maker: Mounted a range of crashing, optimistically.

– Mounted “Add Graph” trojan horse. Thanks Alican.

– Mounted random crashing when loading sleek OpenZones.

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