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September 13, 2019

image Blue Mail is a free, stable, beautifully designed, stylish e-mail app, that contains trim and neat individual skills and able to managing a wide sequence of mail accounts from rather a couple of suppliers. Blue Mail enables for trim push notifications and community emailing whereas enabling personalization across quite loads of e-mail accounts. Being ad-free, Blue Mail is the pleasant change for your inventory e-mail app.

With a grand unified interface skills packaged in an intuitive and simple to make expend of originate, Blue Mail offers an excellent e-mail carrier for all of your e-mail accounts.

● More than one suppliers – Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, iCloud and Place of work 365
● Lend a hand for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, Place of work 365) Auto Configuration
● Sync quite loads of inboxes from all of your suppliers in a Unified Interface
● Rapid Push Mail for the widest vary of suppliers (IMAP, Exchange, Place of work 365, and so forth.)
● Blue Mail functions Integrated Calendar, taking into tale the flexibility to get entry to your Calendar events simply internal Blue Mail. Leer, create and edit your future events with out concerns

● PEOPLE TOGGLE SWITCH- The Of us Toggle is a current and original solution to survey your Inbox and lower its clutter. As well to, tapping on an avatar will cloak all emails between the e-mail contributors and also you.
● GROUP MAIL – Outline & Piece Groups to hasty send & receive emails
● SHARE EMAIL – Piece emails publicly or privately through rather a couple of social networks & messaging apps, receive emails from of us that consume to opt with you in an instant whereas conserving your e-mail deal with private
● EMAIL CLUSTERS – Organizes the same emails together to consume clutter from your inbox. It categorizes emails from identified senders into trim clusters, and organizes your emails into a sub-folder structure automatically, with out the bother to address it manually.
● SMART MOBILE NOTIFICATIONS – Quiet Hours, Vibrate, LED Light, Snooze and other preferences per each and each of your inboxes
● UNIFIED FOLDERS – Leer all of your e-mail accounts folders through a mixed interface for your Inbox, Despatched, Drafts, and so forth.
● SPAM MANAGEMENT – Developed spam mechanisms along side the flexibility for users to in an instant Block Senders, Block Domains or Block a total suffix of domains
● BEAUTIFUL DARK THEME – with an automated switch between day & evening modes
● RICH TEXT SIGNATURE – Effortlessly configure kinds and add your sign
● ANDROID WEAR – Receive and act on notifications simply from your seek for
● DYNAMIC SMART CONVERSATIONS – Makes e-mail handy and simple
● BACKUP & SYNC – Safely sync all of your e-mail accounts to your present and current devices
● CONFIGURABLE MENUS – Customise your swipe menu and e-mail survey actions
● GETTING STUFF DONE – Label emails for later and feature reminders so you attain no longer omit them. While you attain going through an e-mail, tag it as Accomplished to get it out of your blueprint. Reach Zero Inbox.
● VISUALLY APPEALING – Services and products logos, senders photography, with out concerns acknowledge stylish providers by their icons
Days to Sync, Color-Coding, Scrollable and Unread Widgets, Reasonable Badge, Cell Printing & Indispensable More!

● NOTIFICATIONS WITHOUT A PROXY – Blue Mail is one in all the indubitably stylish apps to be a Appropriate Android Client by speaking in an instant along with your e-mail provider and never transferring any e-mail messages through an e-mail Proxy Server! Your emails repeatedly live with you
● INDUSTRY-LEADING ENCRYPTION – Your data is repeatedly encrypted to present protection to your e-mail
communications and data secured. Blue Mail makes expend of main industry protocols to stable and supply protection to your data
● LOCK SCREEN – You might perhaps possibly perhaps be in a snarl to feature a timed lock cloak to present protection to your emails

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