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July 12, 2019

image Disa is a unified messaging app combining multiple chat & messaging platforms into one central application. Save away with the wish to fetch other messaging apps & preserve your tool litter free. Our all-in-one messaging app consolidates your total messages & chats.

It’s anxious to inform with your contacts via so many different chat & messaging apps. Disa is a single messaging hub that permits you to integrate your total chats & messages on SMS, Telegram and Facebook Messenger in a single central region in reveal that chances are you’ll probably perhaps perhaps put collectively your total messages from a single app.

Furthermore, the app gives multiple settings and customisation alternatives to rearrange your messages. Possibilities are you’ll probably perhaps perhaps personalize your chatting experience, originate mixed groups with contacts from any messaging provider, region various font colors for textual roar & message bubbles, send movies & emojis & kind blueprint more, fascinated with FREE!

How is Disa various from other messaging apps?

Disa is a messaging hub that allows authorized messaging companies and products to be unified under one app. Possibilities are you’ll probably perhaps perhaps merge SMS & textual roar from various messaging companies and products coming from a single contact into one unified thread & then send msg to your contacts straight from Disa.

Our patented vitality administration technology is weird to our frameworks ability to contact multiple servers without the same outdated impact on vitality consumption.

What are the principle points of Disa?

Organizes your total chat & messages from various messaging & SMS apps
Merges chats from various apps by contacts to discover unified conversations in a central hub
Alternatives to personalise your chatting experience including fonts, and colours of message bubbles
Affords dark mode characteristic that makes it less complicated to use the app in the night
Permits customers to originate groups & delivery speaking to contacts from various chat & messaging apps
Send emojis, audio & video attachments

What’s the ‘Unified Conversation’ characteristic?

When you use multiple applications to chat to the same person, chances are you’ll probably perhaps perhaps unify the total textual roar or video chats into one app & community your total messages in a chronological elaborate. Possibilities are you’ll even reply on the same window by selecting the provider the build aside you are trying to possess to bring the msg.

The supreme technique to delivery out the utilization of Disa?

The utilization of DISA is easy & easy. Originate the app & snatch the provider from the plugin supervisor listing.
(After setting-up your provider, your final 10 conversations will load. Don’t apprehension, your outdated SMS & conversations will no longer be lost; load them manually by creating a contemporary msg with a contact or community-chat and this would possibly perhaps seem for your conversation listing.) Now appropriate delivery sending textual roar or video messages, emojis to your mates or originate a community chat! No wish to set up apps like Telegram, FB Messenger or other SMS apps.

How will you merge and split multiple contacts?

Search the advice of with our on-line, interactive FAQ to search out out how: goo.gl/usSSWa

How can I personalize my messaging experience on Disa?

Possibilities are you’ll even possess a long listing of provider personalization alternatives to make a different from. Some of them are:
Field the ringtone & vibration pattern of your different for notifications
Possibilities are you’ll probably perhaps perhaps snooze the notification for a explicit length whereas you are busy
Possibilities are you’ll probably perhaps perhaps enable/disable the notifications for a explicit provider
Maintain out your authorized chat bubble & font colors from a long listing of alternatives
Field a wallpaper of your different

Disa’s goal is easy: be the most inclusive, all-in-one messaging app available in the market by offering one central platform the build aside customers can streamline & put collectively their existence in an instantaneous. Disa is here to “Unite Them All”.

Acquired any questions, be part of the Disa Google+ community (goo.gl/gqoWhG). Or, take a look at with the FAQ web page (www.disa.im/faq.html).

Exchange FB Messenger, Telegram & SMS apps with this safe messaging app & also present your total mates about it. There’s so blueprint more to advance help!

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