Daywise: Schedule notifications. Be calm & focused 2.2.1 (Unreleased)

May 17, 2019

image With Daywise, gape simplest vital notifications straight away, peek the comfort later for your time.

Folks who get notifications in batches are extra centered and calmer.

Incubated at Behavioral Economics lab at Duke College.

Pork up your center of attention, get extra done with Daywise

With Daywise, in the subsequent few days, you are going to:

* Revel in long stretches of interruption-free work
* Revel in peace and restful all over your individual, bedtime hours
* In actuality feel calmer, much less wired and anxious
* Assemble a harmonious relationship with your phone
* Pork up your self-protect watch over and song your growth

Whether or not you’re a student or a working professional, Daywise will enable you compose the point of ardour and self-protect watch over to originate up performing at larger levels. Rapidly, you’ll originate up feeling extra relaxed, extra up to speed of your time and prepared to rating the day!

What you get with Daywise:

*Instantaneous & batch apps solutions – Daywise analyzes every app for your phone and categorizes them into ‘Instantaneous’ and ‘Batched'. We enact the heavy lifting, you add the finishing touches.

* Expend VIPs – Expend which of your chums can interrupt you all over work hours, batch the comfort for later. You in deciding who will get your attention.

*Versatile batch timings – Expend the occasions of the day when you happen to grasp to deserve to get notifications. Provide protection to your work, sleep and personal time!

*Notification bundles – We'll ship you a Daywise notification bundle of all notifications you obtained while you were working, slumbering and relaxing.

* Notification Inbox – Your batched notifications are neatly organized all in a single state. Peep notifications when you happen to grasp to deserve to, not when apps desire you to.

* Build customized rules – Residing which extra or much less notifications you'd grasp to gape straight away, never gape. Personalize it as grand as you fancy, develop Daywise your catch.

* Pork up your phone habits – Be taught the model grand time you negate for your phone and away from it. Acquire which apps interrupt you most and batch them!

– Bugs squashed
– Some adjustments underneath the hood to toughen the app journey

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