Button Mapper: Remap your keys 1.28

August 15, 2019

image Button Mapper makes it easy to scheme customized actions to your volume buttons, Bixby button or other hardware buttons. Remap buttons to begin any app, shortcut or customized action with a single, double press or lengthy press. Root is never any longer required.

Button Mapper can remap most bodily or capacitive keys and buttons, equivalent to volume buttons, the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy devices, and the capacitive dwelling, abet and fresh apps keys stumbled on on devices by Samsung, ASUS, HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi and others. Button Mapper can moreover remap buttons on many gamepads and other peripheral devices.

Button Mapper would now not work when the camouflage camouflage is off unless your tool is rooted or you scramble a obvious adb expose.

A number of examples of remapping you are going to have the chance to attain with Button Mapper:
-lengthy press to toggle your flashlight
-tell ring volume by default on Android Pie and later
-press to broadcast customized Android intents, scripts or commands
-lengthy press to originate digicam and spend a photo
-double faucet to begin your popular app or shortcut
-lengthy press your non-public dwelling button to flip off the camouflage camouflage
-double faucet button to originate your notifications
-swap your abet and fresh apps keys (capacitive buttons perfect!)
-use your volume buttons to alter camouflage camouflage brightness
-lengthy pressto toggle “attain no longer disturb” mode
-and loads more, the potentialities are unending

Additional aspects unlocked within the expert version:
-Simulate keycodes (requires adb expose or root)
-Swap volume keys on orientation trade
-Default to media volume (or ring volume on Android Pie or later)
-Pocket detection
-Customization of haptic suggestions (vibration) on button press and lengthy press

Actions that will also be mapped to buttons or keys:
-Open any app or shortcut
-Disable the button
-Broadcast intents (PRO)
-Escape scripts (PRO)
-Camera shutter
-Flip camouflage camouflage off
-Toggle flashlight
-Like a flash settings
-Showcase notifications
-Energy dialog
-Take screenshot
-Song: earlier/subsequent be aware and play/halt
-Alter volume
-Final app change
-Toggle attain no longer disturb
-Alter brightness
-Now on faucet (root)
-Menu button (root)
-Win customized keycode (root and PRO)
-Root expose (root and PRO)
-Toggle WiFi
-Toggle Bluetooth
-Toggle rotation
-Clear notifications
-Split camouflage camouflage
-Scroll up/down (root)
-And a number of more…

Buttons supported:
-Most popular apps or Menu
-Quantity up
-Quantity down
-Energetic edge on Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL
-Bixby button on Samsung S8/S8+/S9/S9+/Unusual 8/Unusual 9
-Camera button
-Headsethook button
-Personalized buttons: add other buttons (energetic, soundless, and so forth) to your phone, headphones, gamepads, Android TV and other peripheral devices

Additional choices:
-trade the lengthy press or double faucet length
-lengthen initial button press for better double faucet operation
-disable Button Mapper while utilizing particular apps

-For Bixby on unrooted devices, secure obvious you don't disable Bixby Say
-Be obvious that Button Mapper is exempt from any form of battery optimization, job killers or other things that will interfere
-Button Mapper would now not work with onscreen buttons (equivalent to soft keys or the navigation bar) or the vitality button.
-The selections proven within the app depend upon the buttons on hand to your phone. Not all telephones enjoy dwelling, abet and recents buttons!

This app uses Accessibility companies. Accessibility is primitive to detect when the bodily or capacitive buttons are pressed to your tool so that they’re going to also be remapped to customized actions to accommodate your wants. It is no longer primitive to realizing what you form. Button Mapper would now not acquire or allotment any of your private recordsdata with zero.33 parties

This app uses the Instrument Administrator permission. (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN)
This permission is primitive to lock the camouflage camouflage if the “Flip camouflage camouflage off” action is chosen. Whenever you fancy to enjoy to spend away this permission, originate Button Mapper, click on on the menu (three dots within the upper magnificent corner) and procure “Uninstall”

-repair lengthy press volume habits
-fresh simulate keycodes manner (faster + one-time adb setup)
-attain no longer disturb: capture block all the things, alarms allowed or customized
-retain camouflage camouflage on action
-toggle portrait/panorama action
-digicam shutter action
-Android TV fixes for Pie
-Energetic Edge remapping for Pixel 3a/3a XL
-add ingredient and records self-discipline for customized intents
-lend a hand flashlight + brightness option
-Zello PTT option for digicam button
-optimizations and bugfixes
-update translations

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