Bright – English for beginners 1.0.29

November 8, 2019

image Study English without peril!

Welcome to the Intellectual: a neat and straight forward utility for studying English.

Intellectual makes exercise of the correct device of the interval repeating and a special memory practicing scheme Quick Mind. As a result of of interactive teaching suggestions, customers memorize ninety% of information.

We ready 38 devices of English words with assorted ranges of space: from newbie to good. Exercises are voiced by native speakers. You should also earn a male sigh or a female sigh within the settings.

Memorize at least 200 optimistic words every month and communicate and translate without the dictionary. Appropriate Eight words per day anytime, wherever.

With Intellectual you’ll amplify your vocabulary and like a flash master a listening comprehension. You’ll endure in mind a fair correct spelling and create your pronunciation greater.

The utility adjusts to you. Statistics of your results will toughen evaluation of your info and offer you a motivation to trot on.

Study a proper English alongside with Intellectual. Download an app and salvage an salvage admission to to the free trial duration.

Enhanced app efficiency

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