Brave Privacy Browser: Fast, safe, private browser 1.5.0

November 9, 2019

image The Courageous Privacy Browser is your fleet, exact inner most net browser with ad blocker, inner most tabs and pa-up blocker. Browse without being tracked by advertisers, malware and pa-ups.

Download the simplest AdBlock privateness net browser app for Android as of late!

🔒 Speedy & Proper Net Browser
No exterior plugins or settings! Courageous privateness browser simply affords the most exact, lightning fleet net browser for Android. Ride browsing without popups (pop up blocker), adverts, malware and diversified annoyances.

🔋 Battery & Records Saver
Courageous is a fleet net browser! Courageous reduces page loading times, improves net browser efficiency and blocks adverts contaminated with malware. Courageous Privacy App reveals a 2x to 4x hurry magnify on Android, saving your battery and records.

🚫 AdBlock Net Browser
The Courageous Privacy Browser App is designed with a constructed-in AdBlocker (pop up blocker). Courageous's free adBlocker protects you from adverts which observe you as you browse the on-line, securing your privateness.

🙈 Automatic Privacy – AdBlock Browser Protection
The Courageous Privacy Browser App also protects you with main privateness and safety functions equivalent to HTTPS In each put (encrypted knowledge traffic), script blocking, 3rd gain together cookie blocking and incognito inner most tabs.

App Facets
* Non-public browser
* Free constructed-in AdBlocker
* Pop up blocker (blocks adverts)
* Great inner most browsing
* Saves knowledge and battery
* Invasive Advert free net browser
* Sync Bookmarks securely
* Free monitoring protection net browser
* Https In each put (for safety)
* Script Blocker
* 3rd gain together cookie blocker
* Non-public bookmarks
* Procuring historical previous
* Current and inner most tabs
* Speedy, free, inner most search engine

Courageous Rewards
With your outdated browser, you paid to browse the on-line by viewing adverts. Now, Courageous welcomes you to the fresh Net. One where your time is valued, your inner most knowledge is kept inner most, and also you truly gain paid for your attention.

About Courageous
Our mission is to set up the on-line by making a exact, inner most and fleet browser whereas rising ad income for grunt creators. Courageous targets to rework the on-line ad ecosystem with micropayments and a brand fresh income-sharing formulation to present users and publishers the next deal, where exact, fleet browsing is the path to a brighter future for an begin net.

To learn more in regards to the Courageous Privacy Browser App, which has a constructed-in 3rd gain together Advert Block and pa up blocker, plus monitoring and safety protection, please bolt to

Questions/beef up?
Contact us at up-and-troubleshooting/mobile-beef up. We admire hearing from you.

Are you having fun with our fleet privateness browser app? Please leave us a 5 megastar review!

Download the simplest privateness browser as of late!

Contemporary on this release:

We made some polish enchancment that could hopefully design Courageous more fulfilling to make utilize of,
We upgraded to Chromium 78,
And we made a couple of diversified microscopic fixes.

Thanks for the utilization of Courageous and making the next net!

For questions or feedback please test out

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