Bird – Be Free, Enjoy the Ride

June 14, 2019

image Hen provides you regain admission to to shared interior most electric autos (scooters) that could moreover simply even be picked up and dropped off wherever. Exercise Hen for your work depart back and forth, across faculty campuses, with chums, or precise to unfold your wings and regain some novel air!

One of the best procedure it works:
* Download the Hen App
* Invent your Fable
* Get hang of and scan a Hen
* Plug safely to your depart back and forth space
* Lock your chicken and Live Plug

Hen is on the 2d available in the market in a hundred+ cities and universities worldwide in conjunction with:
* Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood, UCLA)
* San Diego (Pacific Sea depart, Downtown)
* Washington DC, Arlington
* Paris
* Tel Aviv
* Bay Space (Oakland, San Jose)
* Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas)
* Brussels
* Memphis
* Atlanta
* Antwerp
* Vienna
* Zurich
* Arizona (Scottsdale, Tempe)
* Charlotte
* Denver
* Salt Lake City
* Milwaukee
* Baltimore
* Minneapolis, St. Paul
* Columbus
* Kansas City
* Raleigh
* Windfall, RI
* Cambridge / Somerville
* Portland
* Cincinnati
* Detroit

* College of Cincinnati
* College of Texas Austin
* Ohio Convey College
* College of Portland

In case you desire to witness Hen on your space, please ship a portray to [email protected].

For more info, talk over with

Steadiness improvements.

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