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June 14, 2019

imageA residing where you will bag backgrounds that make your each day fun.
-OGQ Backgrounds done 120 million downloads globally!
-More than 2.four million customers gave ratings of four.6 out of and wrote stories!
-Unusual backgrounds including videos, pictures, illustrations and watches are uploaded each day!

Four forms of strong point of OGQ Backgrounds!
[Live watch] Look staunch inviting watches within the background!
[Live background] Role your background with gleaming videos!
[Image] Check out our photography and illustrations that swimsuit your taste!
[Gallery] Obtain pleasure from our gallery made by nicely-identified creators from in each set up the sector!

Five comely functions of OGQ Backgrounds!
[Self-creator] Upload your self-made photography and videos and attempt selling!
[My taste] Look backgrounds from interested tags and creators on the feed!
[My likes] Click on 'admire' on the objects you are occupied with and set up in your have affirm!
[My profile] Let customers from in each set up the sector know about your profile created in accordance to your taste!
[Let's enjoy] Check out the backgrounds from folk with identical taste and focus on with comments and messages!

OGQ Backgrounds' promise!
Of us test their smartphones and pill PCs bigger than dozens of times a day. Because of this the backgrounds of the lock and house cowl beget a truly considerable which procedure to all of us. The backgrounds are about our beloved ones, our past commute with pals and our pets which will more than seemingly be companions of existence. Changing backgrounds lawful for refreshing or including pictures of your favourite model are one of many longtime behaviors now we beget been continuously doing.

Our backgrounds are seemingly to be now not as factual because the photography you've fascinated about all your coronary heart. Nonetheless we can by no plan neglect what backgrounds mean to us. We are capable of cease all our finest to present you with precious backgrounds each day!

✔[Required] Reason of app utilization authority attempting for consent earlier than installation
[WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE] : This is an authority required to enable backgrounds to be saved within the storage of the person's instrument.
[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE] : This is an authority required to confirm the saved backgrounds and add the photography selected from the person's album.

✔We promise now not to arbitrarily set up or use the dear knowledge of customers and We are capable of continuously be paying attention to your valued opinions.
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