Always On Edge – Edge Lighting ๐Ÿ”ฅ 4.6.9

August 13, 2019

image Reduction the Edges lights frequently with all the device in which down to 0% CPU utilization, here is an accent now now not correct an app it is a ways an app you made.

border gentle works ๐Ÿ’ฏ without receiving a notification. as successfully as to lights when a notification comes.

THIS IS A REMIX between Edge Lighting fixtures & Notifications & AOD & Live Wallpaper & Video video show Corners Camouflage but with loads extra alternatives to deal with up watch over.

here is its main formula

โœ… App Lighting fixtures Ability
Independent (Default)
Ambient: If system AOD was as soon as on then AOE will gentle in it,
as every other of a personalized screen (lights finest without widgets). but when AOD was as soon as off the
Default device will be conventional.
this requires the permission to enable AOE as an accessibility provider.
AOE is indeed important especially for deaf of us to know what notifications they bought.
this also makes explain of much less battery.

โœ… When it originate?
-manually, finest as soon as I need I delivery the app.
– Edge Lighting fixtures Live Wallpaper for dwelling and lock screen
-computerized, frequently anytime I lock screen.
-finest when a notification comes:
.and screen is off.
.and screen is on.
.frequently, off or on.
-clock frequently, edges when a notification comes.
-finest as soon as I build system on charge.
-mixed, clock frequently, edges 10s every minute.
-finest when headset plugged pay attention music.
-frequently while screen is on
-when somebody calls
-when delivery fresh apps menu

โœ… emoji tumble animation

โ• if screen is on, can gentle notifications bar too
โ• That you can add toggle in system notification panel to interchange between e book recede (disable) / or any assorted you deal with (enable).
โ• for notifications you must well perchance almost definitely deal with every app and its coloration and lights time sperated from others apps.
โ• No matter recede option you deal with, you must well perchance almost definitely, at anytime, press volume down key to terminate the app and by no device recede but again till the next system lock .
โ•you must well perchance almost definitely own AOE icon from notification bar .
โ• system to now now not recede if battery level now now not up to..
โ• system to now now not recede if charging.
โ• option for dwelling button.
โ• system to now now not recede app in between a periode like sleep time..
โ• pocket mode, shut when in pocket or screen faced down, resume when out (extra vitality).
โ• SmartUnlock, when system on flat surface and I stick with it, shut and delivery screen (extra vitality).
โ• Clock and widgets rotate on panorama screen,

โœ… The device in which it shut?
-Swipe up to shut.
-Double tap to shut.
-Pocket mode.

โœ… More widgets now now not correct edge lights, with alternatives to:
-invisible music controller by swipe.
-buttons music controller:
frequently or finest when headset connected.
-Level to clock:
clock model.
clock's Fundamental Coloration.
clock's Secondary Coloration.
clock size.
clock date/seconds/language.
clock face circular background.
-Level to notifications icons:
number badge.
clickable notifications icons.
icon size.
in a bar background.
coloured icons.
bordered icons.
-Video show battery level.
-Sad app screen, alter brightness (build extra vitality).
-screen Image background:
Image from gallery.
Galaxy Light.
Galaxy Beefy.
-enable notch beef up, now now not for all devices ( but computerized and for any system working android Pie):
notch high.
notch width.

โ• as you see you create Video video show Corners Camouflage and NOTCH MASK!.

โœ… Edge lights animation model:
-stable (build extra vitality, explain 0% CPU) staunch with colours wave ๐Ÿ˜ !
-flicker ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

โœ… alter Edge lights:
Edges recede.
Edges thickness.
Edges coloration number:
One coloration.
Three. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
colours waves. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (strive with stable model!)

โœ… alter Web page between Edges
-without dwelling

โœ… alter Instrument Video video show corners?
-zigzag corners
-little zigzag corners
-current corners
-alter manually

โ• edge lights could well additionally be enabled/disabled.
โ• widgets changes its put every X minute.

This app works on any system nonetheless it is a ways principally aimed to devices that has AMOLED displays

* Fixes, system to gentle internal system AOD
* helps all notch kinds; V, O, U and cutouts
* Fixes, Reminder, Lighting fixtures when being attentive to music
* system to gentle round notch finest
* sleek recede option: Edge lights dwell Wallpaper for dwelling and lock screen
* vitality button suggestions as unparalleled even without root
* the smoothest edge lights on this universe and parallel universes.
* sleek option: on calls..

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