3C All-in-One Toolbox 2.1.4g

November 9, 2019

image 3C All-in-One Toolbox combines many aspects into one wide toolbox with a original and simple-to-utilize interface. 3C All-in-One Toolbox has each instrument you could possibly must video show, retract watch over and advantageous-tune your total Android gadgets.

To obtain the quickest and most generous strengthen on Play Retailer, please send a strengthen attach a matter to from app settings, relief and strengthen declaring your concerns. Over Eighty five% of all customers gave it a beefy 5 wide name overview for a world ranking of Four.eight! ★★★★★

Permissions detailed: www.3c71.com/perms

This app makes utilize of Accessibility products and companies to enable you pause apps on non-rooted gadgets, however will no longer ever ever to find any knowledge.

Go pro or utilize in-app purchases to free up the next aspects
Veil any tabs or any menu merchandise
Edit main show veil buttons up-to 4×6 grid
Multi/auto-retract and kind apps
Auto backup and original app notification
Recording objects and alternatives
Form a pair of schedules, watchers and profiles
Computerized battery markers and organize a pair of batteries
Notification shortcut to to find admission to any aspects from space notification
Many extra widgets

Listed below are a few of the aspects you could possibly earn in the app:

Tool supervisor offers very extremely efficient profiles, project scheduling and tool watchdog you could possibly presumably also earn to optimize efficiency and battery saving relying to your unfamiliar bother

File supervisor* is a truly straightforward, yet very extremely efficient explorer that can utilize root, style by dates, sizes and circulate media files apart from to update permissions, possession and security context. Within the neighborhood or from any Samba community share

Utility supervisor* offers all aspects you’d anticipated from such and lots extra to stable, tune and optimize all apps to your tool the system you bask in to fill.

Battery supervisor* will enable you identify apps draining your battery and toughen your profiles the utilize of comparison statistics, apart from to retract song of what undoubtedly took quandary over very long length of time. Particular strengthen for dual battery gadgets, LG Immediate Circle and Samsung Edge notifications

Community supervisor enables surroundings WiFi to find admission to level precedence and configuring* Android firewall, TCP Congestion and DNS

Process supervisor offers a straightforward UI yet very efficient in sorting apps by various utilization and removing undesirable apps

CPU supervisor* controls single to octacore CPUs, thermal, multi-core and most custom kernel settings

System supervisor* configures your tool on the lowest stage, from SD playing cards efficiency, reminiscence enhance and tweaking various hidden settings the utilize of fill.prop and sysctl editors.

Monitoring and recording all functions actions and battery consumption, factor states (connections, localization and phone). Also enables alongside with space bar notifications with graphics and removing customary battery icon the utilize of Xposed framework

System factor switches in app, in widgets or the utilize of profiles enables switching on/off about 20+ tool factors (WiFi, Bluetooth, and lots others) manually or robotically

Recordsdata notifications permitting to contemporary key knowledge in space bar.

Line indicators displaying straightforward knowledge visually on high of all the pieces.

Immediate settings to snappy to find admission to app aspects or toggle various blueprint factors.

Toolbox integration enables for battery financial savings and efficiency optimization, profiles to retract watch over CPU, IO and tool states and managing apps from wherever.

Highly Configurable UI permits you to transform the app into something you essentially bask in

Highly Configurable Widgets are all resizable, from a straightforward gauge to extra advanced knowledge contemporary, factor toggles, and ancient graphics

For suited debugging/investigations:
Terminal Emulator & Script Editor enables sharing and operating scripts optionally on boot
System Logcat and Kernel Reader* offers suited filtering and search

* Requires root and kernel strengthen for beefy feature

Add double-columns in landscape in explorer
Repair smash on Android Four.three and decrease when getting IP particulars
Work-around EU consent presumably requested many cases
Pork up commercials layout when rotating tool
Pork up app utilization stats on non-rooted gadgets
Repair some organize functions when broken-down from rather then app supervisor locations

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