2ndLine – Second Phone Number

November 28, 2019

image 2ndLine is a second US or Canada phone amount that works for your smartphone, tablets as a fleshy-featured industrial phone system, designed for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Name and message from a separate amount on devices you and your team already accept as true with, by skill of Wi-Fi or your novel mobile network, with anyone in the U.S. and Canada.

Native Cell phone amount
Give your of us your very possess phone amount they’ll call!

Limitless Textual speak material & Image Messaging
You’ll be able to be in a plot to send as many textual speak material messages as you admire to want to US & Canada – FREE!

Limitless Calling to USA and Canada
Get unlimited free phone calls to any phone amount in the US & Canada!

Low-worth World Calling
Add money or impact free money by completing provides to your tale and invent low-worth global calls

– Get and internet train calls
– Emojis, stickers and gifs
– Beefy explain messaging : send, internet and put images!
– Voicemail Transcription: transcript of your voicemail
– Caller ID
– PassCode: take your messages below lock and key
– Google SmartLock: no want to preserve in suggestions your password
– Name Forwarding
– Signatures: add your possess signature to every textual speak material
– Customizable textual speak material-tone, ringtone & vibration
– Customizable backgrounds
– Set particular particular person contacts their possess ringtone & background
– Lickety-split Acknowledge to without anguish (and rapid) reply to friends
– Unified inbox: send and internet your texts straight by skill of 2ndLine – expend 2ndLine as your one-terminate SMS texting app!
-Elastic calling is 2ndLine's uncommon skill to accept as true with our calls salvage the most attention-grabbing most likely route for your call to spice up quality

– Fastened a anguish where some dialog buttons had been the ugly coloration on devices running Android KitKat.
– Fastened a anguish where some conversations may perhaps maybe very successfully be shown with the ugly contact title.
– Diverse performance enhancements.

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